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My network of professionals and I provide resources for improving personal emotional health and improve the workplace culture in veterinary practices. 

Your culture has everything to do with the performance of your practice.  It determines your:
- Employee turnover
- Stress level
- Professional performance quality
- Profitability, and income
- Your feelings of personal fulfillment/happiness
- Your success in business and life!

As an employee, the culture that you work in will have much to do with all of the same things listed above, but also it will determine your sense of security, both financially and emotionally.

Every workplace has a culture, whether they have consciously developed it or not.  It is not something that an owner or manager creates by themselves or in a small group.  It takes everyone in the practice to "develop" (not create), the culture.  

Our Mission Statement: 
At Tim Wefler Coaching, we provide valuable knowledge and guidance on workplace culture development in professional offices, so that those who work there can develop a highly-functional culture based on the following definition:

A Highly-functional culture (HFC) consists of an agreed-upon set of values, policies, practices, traditions, rituals, celebrations, and symbols that guide a group of people in their interactions, so that each individual feels that they are a valued and accepted member of a winning team that is embarked on a worthwhile mission. 

How We Do What We Do
Our network of coaches (all psychology professionals) provide proven educational materials, tools and teleconference coaching to our clients at quite affordable prices.  We also offer a newsletter and blog for people who are interested in having an on-going resource of ideas and knowledge.  In the future, we will also be offering online classes and workshops. 

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