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We are a group of psychology professionals who share common knowledge and experience regarding “cultures”, “workplace cultures” and specific information regarding “veterinary clinic cultures”.  All of our coaches have advanced degrees in some area of psychology.



We help professionals create highly-functional workplace cultures (HFCs).  Our approach helps provide a cultural framework for the work environment, where communication, teamwork, and positive relationships can thrive.  Work becomes an environment where personal and career growth can prosper and develop.



The vast majority of our work is done remotely (phone or skype), thereby expanding the geographical scope of our services.  Personal appearances and workshops are possible.  Please discuss your needs with us, and we can recommend the most cost-effective approach.



“Tim’s workshop provides an insightful look into one’s emotions, how those emotions impact our lives and how to improve your relationships through self-awareness.”

Dr. Angela Kargus, Mechanicsville Animal Hospital- VA

“This is a subject that could greatly impact vet medicine.”

Dr. Catherine Malehorn, McLean Animal Hospital- VA

“Tim is very approachable, frank and able to help you explore and address emotional intelligence and its impact on your life.”

Dr. Evan Apotheker, Wellesley Animal Hospital- VA

“Mr. Wefler’s topics were relevant and easily accessible. I’m looking forward to taking this information home and putting it into practice.”

Dr. Melissa Derbin, Towne Animal Clinic- VA

“Very useful workshop. Great tools and resources to use in daily practice. Tim Wefler was easy to talk to and seems to be an expert in his field. I definitely plan to follow up for coaching and practice evaluation.”

Dr. Heather Brookshire, Animal Visions Center of Virginia- VA

“Absolutely very different from other EI lectures I’ve been to. I liked how it was a small group and more individually based. We had enough time to think introspectively and we were guided to come up with ideas for resolution in a productive manner.”

Dr. Lauren Maxey, Banfield Pet Hospital- Alexandria, VA

“Very engaging and welcoming. I did not feel pressured, but felt comfortable sharing and engaging in the discussion.”

Dr. Brian Newmann, Caring Hands Animal Hospital- VA

Helpful overview- I see this as the start of a multiple-session workshop. Good pace, good examples of situations for us to reflect on. I like Tim’s sharing of his personal experiences, as they helped to normalize my own.”

Dr. Matthew Galati, Herndon Animal Hospital- VA

“Tim is a wonderful leader. His voice is engaging, but calming- not authoritative or judgmental. When he shares his personal story it makes you feel comfortable, like with AA. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing the problem.”

Dr. Tricia Haskins, Gretna Animal Clinic- VA

“This workshop was a great refresher on previous business-development we have done and gave me new ideas in developing achievement levels within each job description.”

Dr. Bob Thompson, Owner and manager of several veterinary practices. Involved in AVMA and AAHA. VA


We work as a single united team with professional offices improving employee satisfaction, productivity and thereby improving the bottom line.